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After Your Results, What Next

Below are links to some extension publications that may help you understand your soil test reports and help you solve problems you may be having. There are lots of other publications, as well, on the Extension Web site.

Gardens and Lawns
Understanding your soil test results
Solutions to soil problems - I. High salinity (PDF)
Solutions to soil problems - II. High pH (Alkaline soil) (PDF)
Solutions to soil problems - III. Drainage (PDF)
Solutions to soil problems - IV. Soil structure (compaction) (PDF)
Solutions to soil problems - V. Low Organic Matter (PDF)

Fertilizer and Compost
Using compost in Utah gardens (PDF)
Selecting and using inorganic fertilizers
Selecting and using organic fertilizers

Soil pH and Salinity
Managing soil pH in Utah (PDF)
Water salinity and crop yield (PDF)
Salinity and plant tolerance

Field Crops
Fertilizer management for alfalfa (PDF)
Fertilizer management for grass and grass legume mixtures
Hay prices and Market reports (Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food)