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What We Don't Do (and who does it)

Pesticide / Herbicide Analysis + Environmental Soil Analysis (e.g., Heavy Metals)

Drinking Water Analysis

Feed Analysis for Vitamins / Medications / Amino Acids / Fats / etc.

Seed Germination / Seed Purity / Weed Seed Identification / Smut in Barley Seed

  • State Seed Lab
    Utah Dept of Agriculture
    350 N Redwood Rd
    Box 146500
    Salt Lake City UT 84114-6500
    (Stan Akagi / Ron Larsen)

Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab

  • Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab
    Utah State University
    26 Biology-Natural Resources Bldg
    Logan UT 84322-5349
    Note: You may need to prepay through your County Extension Office

Grain Inspection

Note: This list is for information only. The USUAL does not endorse any of the services listed and is not responsible for their laboratory proficiency.